SHEEP.IO – Not a game about collecting Dragons

During our review of SHEEP.IO (by Ammonite Design Studios) we had a little girl (about the age of 7) come up to one of our reviewers and say “Ooh! Look at all the Dragons!”.

Either she can see something we can’t because SHEEP.IO(?)… the name kind of says a lot, or she has parents who REALLY like to mess with her. “Ok, sweetheart. Let’s sing, Mary had a FIERCE & FIERY DRAGON!” 😂

Either way, SHEEP.IO is not a game about dragons.

Set on a low poly 3D farm where sheep spawn out of nowhere, SHEEP.IO is a game about becoming the most popular sheep in the ranch and… I don’t think there is a plan after becoming the most popular sheep… 

Anyway, played by tapping and dragging on the screen of your device in order to control the direction in which your sheep move, SHEEP.IO is basically the same as Crowd City with the exception of being unable to capture your opponent’s top player.

You can, of course, capture your opponent’s followers.

For players who have played and love Crowd City, this game is actually a little harder since the map is smaller, there are less sheep for you to capture, and you can’t eliminate other players. If you’re up for a new challange this could be it?

Correct us if we’re wrong, but this is a game about sheep… Right? 😂

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