Color Dunk 3D – Color the world with slow motion Basketball!


Ok, so we have a bit of a theory… Add the word “Flappy” or “Color” into the title of literally any game and voila! you have a viral game with over 5 Million downloads literally everyone is playing! …ok, not entirely true, but it certainly does feel like that sometimes doesn’t it…

Color Dunk 3D (by Hypemasters) is an amazingly cool little basketball game with, yes, the word “Color” in the title (even though the actual gameplay has very little to do with color) and only 500K downloads as of right now – pretty much disproving my theory from the sentence above?

Nevertheless, Color Dunk 3D is one of the coolest basketball games we’ve played so far in 2019 and I’ll explain why. This game doesn’t just let you win, it lets you win in style! 

If you’re one of those people who almost consider picking up a new sport pretty much every time you watch a cool highlights video on YouTube like the one below, chances are you’ll find this game super addictive – and it makes total sense why!

Color Dunk 3D is by no means an easy game. As you progress through the game you will be faced with moving hoops, obstacles, disappearing hoops, and more we have yet to experience, but the game doesn’t make these things feel impossible.

For starters, the game gives players a clear trajectory line showing just where your ball is going to end up once you release your finger. This line not only allows players to actually visualize how hard they need to shoot in order to actually reach the hoop, it also changes based on the obstacles around you allowing you to easily plan sick rebound shots you normally wouldn’t be able to achieve.

All this is cool, but Color Dunk 3D takes things a step further with slow-motion graphics that not only look cool but extend that moment of uncertainty you feel just before your ball shoots clean through the net – transforming it into one of those unforgettable moments you can’t help but share with someone else.

The Conclusion

Color Dunk 3D is the first game from what is right now a mostly unknown studio – but assuming they continue to deliver experiences like this, we’re pretty sure you’ll see a lot more news from Hypemasters on Edamame Reviews very soon…

Want to give Color Dunk 3D a try? The download link is just below.📲
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