Smash Rush – If looks were everything, this game would be at the top

Every so often, we play a game that makes us just that little bit more excited for what “could be possible” once VR devices become truly mainstream. Smash Rush (by isTom Games) is a simple avoider game for iOS and Android that isn’t exactly special. The controls are standard and the obstacles are the same as a million other games on the market, but the graphics… yeah, they are on another level…!

Set in a Si-Fi tube that could be compared with anything from the internet to a highway in the year 21XX Smash Rush looks amazing.

Rushing down this 3D tunnel in FPV, your mission in this game is to avoid smashing into lasers, forcefields, massive rolling cubes, etc. all while collecting points. The game is super easy to both learn and play no matter how bad you think you may be at this type of game.

Played by touching on the left and right sides of the screen in order to spin around the tube either clockwise or anticlockwise, Smash Rush actually starts our surprisingly slow and only gradually speeds up over time making the game super easy for new players to both learn and play.

Other than the actual core gameplay itself, Smash Rush features hardly anything at all. With no unlockable skins, no weekly $9.99 subscriptions, or anything else for that matter, Smash Rush is “just a good game”. Something that is becoming increasingly harder to find these days…

If you have a few spare moments to spend on a game that will make you want a VR headset (or at least want Smash Rush in VR) this is a game we highly recommend you check out!

We’re blown away by this game’s “coolness” and we highly expect you will be as well.

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