JackQuest – A great game that could really use buttons…

It isn’t every day your girlfriend is suddenly snatched by a massive green hand that seemingly appears out of nowhere! So when we were invited to take a look at JackQuest (by Crescent Moon Games & NXGAMES) we simply had to give it a try!

And, after playing the game for a bit there is one thing that has become bitterly apparent, this game was not designed to be played on mobile. 😅

So that we don’t spoil the story for you – since this is the main selling point of any RPG – we will instead focus more on the controls and overall playability of the game in this review.

Jumping right in, JackQuest is played using 5 on-screen buttons which can be used to move your player left and right, jump, attack, and special attack. I have never been a fan of mobile on-screen buttons, so perhaps it is unfair of me to say this, but the controls in JackQuest are kind of its only downfall. Seriously, everything else is really nice!

For starters, unless you are playing on a tablet, the buttons you will be playing with are really quite small, making it easy to accidentally press a button – or worse miss pressing the button you meant to press. Although this may not be that big of a deal in a slow-paced farming game, in a 2D action RPG with intense boss battles and spikes you’ll definitely want to avoid, it just gets frustrating over time! 😡

With highly animated pixelated 2D graphics that remind us of the dungeon RPGs we used to play, an enticing storyline that will keep you hooked until the very end and none of the bloatware you’ll find in most modern mobile games, unfortunately, JackQuest is a game we actually can’t recommend.

In order to enjoy JackQuest for the fun game it truly is, we recommend that you play it on anything other than your iOS or Android device. JackQuest is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox and Steam, all of which have physical buttons you can press.

The Conclusion

Although we are well aware of how unfair and rude of us it is to not recommend the mobile version of JackQuest – since it was Crescent Moon Games, the publishers of the “mobile version” of JackQuest who sent us our review copy – we also recognize that in order to enjoy this game to its fullest, physical buttons are a must-have.

If you don’t have access to any of the platforms mentioned above and still want to play JackQuest, downloading the mobile version is a definite option, although your experience probably won’t be as great…

If you go with the mobile option, we recommend playing on the biggest screen you currently own.

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