SMILE Inc. – I didn’t know lab-rats where supposed to smile

Do you find it hard to smile when standing in front of a blinking camera surrounded by Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, and sometimes even Distant Relatives you supposedly met when you were like 3 and a half years old – Like seriously! Give me a break!

If so, today we’ve got a game that is going to make the situation above seem a whole lot better…

SMILE Inc. (by S77) is a game about a guy who is going to die. There is no nicer way to put it, you are going to kill this guy by the end of the game… In fact, it is more a matter of how long you can keep him alive before GAME OVER…

Set in a 3D laboratory-like setting, your mission in this game is to eternally dash from one lab to the next while avoiding increasingly lethal death machines which do an excellent job of murdering your player. Ahh, lovely.

Played using a combination of tap and tilt controls, SMILE Inc. allows you to control your player’s movements by tilting your device + allows you to dash roll every so often by simply tapping on the screen of your device.

The game is easy enough to learn and play, but the obstacles… Yeah, they aren’t exactly easy to avoid…

For players who enjoy seeing low-poly blood and gore paint your screen a sickening red after an unfortunate encounter with a car-sized pair of scissors, please go ahead. But for anyone (like us) who already have enough gore in their life, and don’t want any more, there is a welcome option to disable it in the settings menu which we found very helpful.

Other than that, the game looks really quite insane (in a good way) and we can really see how a lot of players would enjoy the overall vibe SMILE Inc. has. If you’re in for something new (and a little bit crazy) what do you know! You may have just found it.

If you lack stupidity in your life… yeah… you need this game. 😂

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