PAKO 2 – What Beats The Trill Of Being Chased!?

Are you a fan of high-speed car chases in video games? We must be because we somehow managed to feature Fury Roads Survivor something like 3 times in less than 12 months(!) which is crazy! 😂

Unfortunately for redBit games (the team behind Fury Roads Survivor) we now have a new favorite avoider high-speed car chase style avoider/survival-racer-game-thingy we simply can’t put down!

PAKO 2 (by Tree Men Games) is an old-ish game that hasn’t lost any of its glory! Released back in 2017 this is a game we have wanted to feature for the past 2 years! So it is with great excitement that we can finally say with all our heart and soul, “This game is amazing!!”

Set in a surprisingly detailed low-poly 3D world (is it only me that felt this description kind of contradicts itself…?) your mission in this game is to avoid getting caught as you drive from one checkpoint to the next all the while being pursued by a multitude of police cars.

As you recklessly speed your car over sandy hills and through empty parking lots, whoever happens to be sitting in the passenger seat will tirelessly open fire at your pursuers, turning one car after another into a fiery burning ball of steel and broken glass!

The excitement you feel when playing this game for the first time simply can’t be explained with words. Nothing beats the excitement of being chased.

One test we normally don’t do was to test and see how well this game works on lower-end Android devices. We tested this game on the once brand new MAZE Alpha X which was able to play the game at a decent framerate but with much less clarity than what you would expect from say an iPhone X.

If you really fall in love with this game, it is also available on Steam – however, we will need to leave checking it out on PC for yet another article.

So what do you think? Do you love the thrill of being pursued? If so, PAKO 2 is a game you definitely need to check out!

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