Fury Roads Survivor – Survival is impossible…

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like “after” a worldwide apocalypse? Chances are you would have to survive in a world like this…

Fury Roads Survivor is a game about escaping your very unfriendly fellow survivors who are trying to steal whatever it is you happen to have collected… Equipped with a shotgun and a modified battle vehicle, your mission in this game is to run for your life(!) while shooting at whoever gets close.

Played by tapping on the left side of the screen to swerve left, and on the right to swerve right, the game itself is super easy to play thanks to the minimal number of obstacles scattered around each stage. (Since most of Earth is covered in desert and there are hardly any man-made structures remaining.)

If you happen to own an iPhone 6S or 7 the controls in Fury Roads Survivor are awesome! Featuring “Force Touch Controls”, the harder you press down on the screen the sharper your turn is, allowing you to make tricky curves and swerves with ease, which is awesome!

In addition to awesome controls, Fury Roads Survivor also features an amazing set of 2D/3D pixel graphics you’ll simply fall in love with! If you happen to be a fan of the graphics featured in titles such as Crossy Road, chances are you’ll like the graphics in this game.

Last but not least this game features a number of different cars and weapons you can equip your car with in order to survive just that little bit longer…💀

With high-end 2D/3D pixel graphics, an awesome gameplay system, and plenty of cars and weapons to mix and match, Fury Roads Survivor is a game every doomsday prepper needs to try.

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