DEUL – Is this an experiment gone wild!?

Have you ever met someone who you expected would be dead-serious when he/she was actually kind of stupid? Recently I had this happen to me when I met my good friend’s boyfriend for the first time, who (judging from the personality of my friend) I expected to be smart, business-like, and perhaps a little on the cold side…?

Um… let’s just say you can’t judge a book by its cover, and I now have 2 amazing friends!

DEUL (by Greenlight Games) is a game we have been eyeing for a long time now. Based on the awesome looking icon and constant sky-high ratings on Google Play we expected this game to be serious! We expected “something” amazing(!) and you know what? We got something amazing! …just not the amazing we were expecting… 🤣

Although we could be very wrong (and I’m sorry Greenlight Games if we are) DEUL seems to be one of those games that became too popular too fast and was kind of never finished?

For a game with over 1M downloads, DEUL feels like a collection of funny, wacky, and mildly addictive(?) experimental games you can play on your Android device. With 3 main game modes (that we are aware of) this game features wild west style sharp shooting, ragdoll fighting, and bottle shooting.

Although we can’t help but feel as though this game is an experiment that kind of got way out of hand, we can also tell from the surprising level of attention to detail that, if this game is ever transformed into something more than just a collection of funny mini-games, you will be left with an awesome game player’s simply won’t be able to put down.

If you’re in need of some mild amusement to cheer up your day, there is a high chance DEUL is a game you will really enjoy! Just, don’t download this game as your only source of entertainment before a 30-hour flight!

Bang! You’re dead… Han Solo would be proud of this game…🤣

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