League of Gamers – We’re not addicted… Yet…

League of Gamers

You’re busy. We all are, and much as some of us would seemingly like to spend all of our remaining time here on earth playing exciting new video games, most of us simply don’t have the time or the resources to make this dream a reality…

Dad: “Johnny, you can become anything you want if you just put your heart into it! (Terms and conditions apply)”

So for all the die-hard League of Legends fans out there who just don’t have enough time in their day to play to the extent they truly want, today we’ve got a game that will play the game for you, wherever you go, on your Android device.

League of Gamers (by Tapps Games) is a clicker game that quickly transitions into what the Japanese market call a (放置ゲー) which literally means a game you completely neglect and forget about except for those idle 5 minutes between classes or during your lunch break. Basically the “polar opposite” of a Tamagotchi… 😂

Played by rapidly tapping on the screen of your device in order to generate revenue, League of Gamers is played pretty much just like any other tapper game; tap for a bit until you get bored and then forget about it. Which is probably the reason why one of the first things the in-game tutorial makes you do is hire someone to generate revenue for you!

Stupid as it may seem, we actually enjoy playing these sorts of games for this very reason. Although ultimately pointless, that false feeling of “progression” you feel when you upgrade a bunch of equipment after having not played the game for a week is actually somewhat addictive. On top of this, once you’ve played the game for a month, and the game is now automatically generating $20M a second (keep in mind here, this money is ultimately useless) League of Gamers becomes harder and harder to uninstall…

Fascinating isn’t it? Maybe I should start a YouTube channel called “Game Theory” or something. 😂 Wait, it already exists? Never mind…

If you, like us have experienced just how addictive clicker games like these (under the right circumstances) can be, you’re in for a hard choice. Do you want to go through the pain and suffering of inevitably uninstalling a game you have invested around 10 minutes of your life playing(!) …over the last 6 months…?

So like an average of 2 seconds a day?

Assuming you have what it takes to give up when the “addiction” becomes too much to handle, this is a game we expect a lot of clicker game fans will really enjoy.

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