Boss Game – This was literally the hardest review we’ve written in months…

Is it just me? Or are factory management games so crazy addictive it is hard to get any “actual work” done?

Boss Game (by Arabbaramj) is one of those games we struggled to put down long enough to write this review. Set probably somewhere in China(?) your mission in this game is to build up a multi-billion dollar factory selling teddies, sofas, chairs, beds, everything!

Starting out in a tiny warehouse with only 3 laborers, your mission in this game is to not only build up your factory (just like any other idle game) but also to balance out your workflow in a way that generates the most revenue – which is not only really challenging, it is super addictive!

Idle-games are generally designed in a way that anyone who can tap a screen can play with minimal thought or effort, Boss Game is different. Designed in such a way that you will never actually go bankrupt, you could theoretically play this game like any other idle game, upgrading different things at random, but in order to see the most growth within the shortest period of time, you really need to think about what you are doing and why.

We had our factory set up in a way that allowed a single factory worker to produce sofas continuously without any breaks or delays. This set up brought in so much money, we were then able to transition to stools which, although make less money on their own, could be produced by all of our factory workers at once bringing in even more money!

The way in which you play this game will drastically change the speed at which you progress, making it fun for capitalistic puzzle lovers who enjoy seeing big numbers on a screen go up.

Luckily this is a game, because the way in which we play Boss Game, no one gets a day off in our factory!!! 

The Conclusion

If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to own your own factory, this is probably one of the best factory simulators we have ever seen, and if you couldn’t tell, we are still very much addicted so BYE!!! 💨

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