Clean Road – Is this work or a game!?

For anyone who lives in a frosty country where it actually snows in winter – instead of simply getting cold and mildly miserable – today we’ve got a game that is probably less of a game than it is the reality of getting places in winter…

Clean Road (by SayGames) is a game about clearing the roads of snow so that the people of your neighborhood can actually get to work, school, Walmart, etc. or wherever you happen to be going.

Played using a big red truck attached to a snow plow, your mission in this game is to push past snow, massive icy boulders, falling icicles, massive carrots, and house-sized living snowmen – while also plowing away the snow from your “impatient” neighbors driveways! So much fun! LOL!! 😂

Now if you thought I used the word “impatient” above as a joke, boy would you be oh so terribly wrong!

In general, there are two different ways in which you can game over in Clean Road. The first is fairly simple; if you somehow manage to find yourself beneath a massive falling icicle, yeah… your chances of survival are pretty much zero… But the more likely cause of your death (or in this case GAME OVER) is when an impatient driver behind you rams into your truck.

This is not only annoying but the stupidest thing any driver could ever think to do because if you break the truck that is plowing you a path to work, school, Walmart, etc. no one is going anywhere! …but what if that is part of the plan…

Anyway, the game is level based, meaning you will be faced with increasingly challenging levels as you progress through the game, requiring you to work on your plowing skills if you wish to move on to something new.

One neat trick we learned for people who actually read this article to the end!

Although the obstacles you will be faced with in any given level (say for instance level 25) will always be the same, small things such as the side a massive snowman will choose to attack, or the position of the houses you have to plow to seem to be randomized, meaning if you stick at the same level for long enough, you should get a combination that is easy enough to complete. ✌️

Assuming you enjoy the game enough to want to stick at it for a long period of time. 

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