Nom Plant – A game about a little guy who has probably killed you once before…

Here comes a sudden question out of the blue, “are you a Piranha Plant fan?” If your initial reaction was something along the lines of (???) don’t worry, we can explain.

For anyone who has ever played practically any game in the Super Mario Bros series, chances are at some point you have been killed by an infamous Piranha Plant! These annoying plants seem to pop out of nowhere and are surprisingly good at killing you when you were least expecting it.

Although I could be wrong, I’m pretty sure you can now even play as a Piranha Plant in the brand new Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Anyway, getting back on track, Nom Plant (by Lucky Kat Studios) is a brand new game for iOS where you can play as “something” that strongly resembles a Piranha Plant. Set on a 2D stage made up of floating sugary delights and moving platforms, your mission in this game is to grow your way up the stage while eating sugar and avoiding obstacles.

For anyone who has played the game Silly Sausage, this game has a similar sort of vibe we expect a lot of players will really enjoy.

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to change the direction in which your player grows, you are essentially just controlling the angle in which your player grows “UP”. i.e. You can’t grow down or directly to the left or right.

By releasing your finger from the screen your plant will instantly shrink pulling up its pot with it, and allowing you to land on a ledge or platform that is “hopefully” beneath you. But even if you accidentally lift your finger from the screen of your device and fall to your death, don’t worry, you are given 2 lives per level which is a very welcome addition considering most mobile games seemingly take great joy in killing their players.

With a nicely animated 2D design, a bunch of different skins for you to unlock, and a simple gameplay mechanic that is super easy to learn, there really isn’t anything for us to criticize in this game.

Nom Plant is a good game, it’s simple, fun, and somewhat enjoyable in short doses. Unfortunate it lacks that strange undescribable “pull” most of us call addictiveness.

We can’t imagine most players will play this game for longer than a few hours in total. 

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