Human Runner 3D – Clumsiness is what makes this game funny!

Ok, we’ve spotted a new trend! So get on board before it is too late!! The latest trend in the mobile gaming space seems to something to do with low-poly humanoid 3D characters, running, and ragdoll effects… Or at least in this game… 😂

If you read our review of Run Race 3D or have spent any time at all on Instagram lately, you may have noticed this new-ish trend coming back to plague mobile gamers once again, and of course, Voodoo wants to join in on the action.

Human Runner 3D (by Voodoo & is a new kind of runner game we imagine is based on clumsy people attempting to parkour(?) because that is definitely what it looks like to us! – although we cannot confirm this guess since Voodoo is “actually trash” when it comes to responding to emails…

Anyway, jumping into the game, Human Runner 3D is played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to control the direction in which your player runs as you attempt to make it to the finish line without getting knocked off the stage.

Luckily for us, even if you do get knocked off the stage, it doesn’t necessarily mean GAME OVER. If you fall off the stage, you will be automatically teleported back to the start which is sad and annoying, but so long as you don’t come last, you will be allowed to continue on to the next race – which is a similar mechanic to the game Snake vs City.

This does make it extra sad though when you get knocked off during the final race, and there is literally no way of catching up to your opponents… 😅😭

With a simplistic 3D design, 2 character body types to choose from + a few different colors, and that’s about it, for the time being at least, Human Runner 3D is a game we imagine will probably have more features added to it in future, although we can’t verify this either because… Let’s just say checking your emails is a really good idea… (Hint Hint Voodoo) 😂

Hopefully, by the time this game gets any cool new updates, we will be better at actually playing it.

Are you in need of a cool new game that is practically guaranteed to give you laughs as well as a strong sense of relief that you chose not to pursue a career as a Ninja Warrior?

If so, you need this game! 

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