Uprising – The definition of a one-man army!

Have you ever been asked to wait “alone” at a location you would normally try to stay as far away from as possible? Assuming you have, today we’ve got a game about a guy you’ll be able to relate to… although hopefully not in the “exact” same way…

Uprising (by Knocknock Games) is a game about a mostly unknown guy, in an unknown location, waiting for another mostly unknown guy to somehow come and pick him up. So yeah, there are a lot of unknowns.

We’re assuming some of these “unknowns” will be cleared up as you progress through the story – which requires you to actually survive. This is where Uprising takes a sudden twist.

Uprising is one of those mobile games that doesn’t really leave a lot of leeway for making “Beginner Mistakes”. When we first started playing the game, we kind of thought the first level was one of those levels you physically can’t win – you know, those levels in which the developers forcibly kill you so as to progress the story in a way that just wouldn’t work otherwise?

Ahh, no.

Every one of the levels we’ve played so far, you are 100% expected to win, and boy is it hard! The language that comes out of your hero’s mouth is almost as impressive as PewDiePie and we actually kind of understand why. He is literally in a life or death situation where any 1 mistake you make could lead to his death. That having been said, this one trait alone makes this game much harder to openly recommend to younger age groups.

Played by tapping on enemies in order to shoot them with whatever weapons you happen to have on-hand, in a sense Uprising is incredibly easy to play, although choosing what to upgrade and in what order will require both some skill and serious thought if you actually want to survive.

With a surprisingly stunning visual experience, Uprising is definitely one of the nicer “wall defense” games we’ve featured – although the language is still a big drawback since mobile games are often enjoyed by younger players whose parents may not be as excited about cursing enemies.

With so many casual games designed to occupy your time for a week or two at most, it is rare to find a game that seemingly has more of a story for players to enjoy. We look forward to playing through this game a bit more just to see what happens to our trapped, lost, and very confused hero.

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