Arcade Defender – A new-ish take on classic arcade gaming

If you came here expecting the next amazing Bullet Hell style arcade shooter game for mobile, you’re kind of out of luck. Arcade Defender (by Pixel Perfect Studio) is a game we kind of don’t know how to feel about… It’s so modern yet so classic…!! 😂

Set in a classic pixelated arcade setting, Arcade Defender starts out by introducing you to the different game modes and how to play the game in general. Cool, all very useful.

Jumping into the gameplay you are faced with a single fire space ship that doesn’t “hold” powerups (i.e. powerups only last for a short amount of time) and actually needs to collect ammo!? WHAT!?

For anyone who isn’t familiar with this genre of arcade game, you may be thinking “What’s the big deal? Isn’t this normal?” but for players like us who have pre-existing expectations of how an arcade style shooter game is supposed to function, (for lack of a better word) Arcade Defender may just feel a little odd.

…and we think we know why…

Unlike actually classic space shooter games, Arcade Defender can obviously be played over and over again without paying for each round. So instead of forcing players to use absolutely everything they receive, (essentially forcing players to start from scratch each time they GAME OVER), Arcade Defender gives players the ability to upgrade the actual powerups themselves – allowing the developers to ease players into the game slowly.

In a sense, this is great! It allows players to ease their way into the game just like most other modern games, but at the same time, it means that you will sometimes be faced with enemies that feel as though they are seemingly impossible to beat at your current level.

Arcade Defender has absolutely everything necessary in a good game. It looks good, it is easy to play, and has plenty of functionality. But does it have what it takes to change the minds of players who expect something different? Only time will tell.

Arcade Defender is a great game we would highly recommend to anyone who found actual classic space shooters difficult and annoying. As for the hardcore retro fans, they may be a little harder to convince…

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