Mirrors – Solving 2 puzzles with one line

Mirrors are cool. As a small child, I can remember being fascinated with mirrors, especially the ones at our local grocery store that faced each other in a way that made the store look much bigger than it actually was… A bit of a cheap trick when you stop and think about it now…

Mirrors (by Jessy Barthelemy) is essentially a game about connecting the dots on two identically shaped puzzles mirrored horizontally on the top and bottom of the screen. Having trouble picturing it? Take a look at one of the screenshots, it’s really quite simple.

Played by touching and dragging in order to draw a line, Mirrors is basically just “connect the dots” only played using two of the same puzzle shape instead of one.

The number of lines you can draw stays the same on both the top and bottom puzzle, but the dots you need to pass through in order to clear the level differ, making the game sometimes a little tricky to get your head around.

That having been said, once you get the hang of things, the concept isn’t all that tricky and so you should be able to clear the levels in this game with relative ease.

With a total of 56 levels for you to complete, Mirrors is simple and easy enough to play, although if you’re good at this type of game 56 levels probably won’t last you long.

If your brain is in need of some exercise, this is the perfect warm-up!

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