The Bottle Won’t Open! – Ok… Maybe getting the gun was a bad idea…

We’ve all been in that situation. Sitting at the breakfast table you are stuck with a beautiful slice of bread and a bottle of jam that just refuses to open… What do you do now?

The Bottle Won’t Open! (by Ryo Shirakawa) is basically a game about this very common situation, only with some very obscure solutions…

Starting out kind of realistically(?) the game starts by giving you rubber gloves to strengthen your grip, a solution I at least have actually used in real life! …before rapidly escalating to insane levels of stupidity – such as searching the house for a hidden handgun and blasting the bottle into a million pieces. 😂

Tiny shards of broken glass + Jam? Somehow I don’t think this should have been the correct solution…

Although very silly, the game features the same sort of vibe as Hidden my game by mom, so for players who kind of enjoy that slightly crazy vibe, this game could just be that perfect hit to brighten up your day.

Just don’t expect it to last for too long. With a whopping 20 levels(!) most players will probably complete this game in a little under 30 minutes to an hour – depending on just how skilled you are at thinking a touch outside the box.

If you found the idea of this game even a little attractive, just get it.
More smiles never hurt anyone’s day! 😆

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