Lunch Break (by Ashley Spencer-Phillips) is the first real “indie-game” we’ve reviewed in a while and it really reminds us of just how hard it is to make a game when developing solo.

Set at what must be the worst pixelated park bench in history, (you’ll soon see why), your mission in this game is to seemingly defend Chris’s lunch break from the devil Satan himself! Anything that could possibly go wrong does in his game. 😂

Played using a series of 4 buttons in order to – Swap Sides on your bench in order to avoid falling “gifts” from pigeons flying above, Kick massive rodents trying to steal your lunch, frantically Swat Away football sized bees with nothing better to do than sting your face, and lastly Duck to avoid overly enthusiastic football heads from tossing balls at your head, it would be an understatement to say that this game is complicated.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot there is also an Eat button you’ll get to use during boss battles.

Although this is roughly 5 times as many buttons to remember as found in most hyper-casual games on the market, it would still be do-able if it weren’t for the fact that the obstacles you are faced with seem to be randomized which makes the game “feel” impossible.

For reference, we were hit with 3-4 different obstacles all at roughly the same time which certainly didn’t feel fair or even possible!

As reviewers, we would rather not go into whether or not this game is “actually” impossible or not, because that isn’t the point. Making payers think that the game they are playing could potentially be impossible is a real hit for a skill based game like Lunch Break no matter how simple the concept is.

To Ashley’s credit, Lunch Break is by far the best game we’ve seen in the Chris Series, however as Norman Rozental stated in our interview for Rise Above “Indie Dev’s can often play their own games at a Super Human level, so balancing the game to be fun for everyone else is one of the hardest things to get just right.”

The Conclusion

In its current form Lunch Break is a game we would have trouble recommending, that having been said, every game in 2019 gets updates, and as we see it Lunch Break is just an Update away from becoming a fun little game players can enjoy.

Want to give Lunch Break a try? The download link is just below.📲
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