Day Off! – A quick lesson on getting fired…

I know, getting the day off work can be hard, but somehow I think mounting a jet engine on the bottom of your cheap office chair is a little unnecessary… Seriously? What kind of a company would you have to work at in order to need such a crazy means of escape? Well, maybe the one in Day Off! by PONOS…

Day Off! is a game about escaping from your crazy slave driver boss using pretty much the exact methods described above. With an incredibly simple 2D setting and art style, this game looks more like something created by an overly-enthusiastic hobbyist than a multi-million dollar Japanese gaming corporation.

Perhaps this says something about Japan’s crazy work ethic? 

Either way, the game starts out when your player, a stick figure mounted on a jet-propelled office chair sends a text message (and we know it’s a text message because the bubble is green) informing his boss that he will be taking the day off.

Naturally, his boss is furious and proceeds to chase him using his own jet-propelled office chair + desk, and proceeds to spam him with text messages threatening, “Come back to work or else!” Man! What a company! 😅😱

Although the setting is crazy, the gameplay is (for the most part) actually surprisingly normal. Played by tapping on the right side of the screen in order to accelerate, and on the left side of the screen in order to flip backward, Day Off! features pretty much the same controls as every simple bike racer game we have ever played so yeah, super easy!

The Conclusion

If you happen to work in the sort of environment listed above, seriously… you’re better than that, get another job. And for everyone else, the humor in Day Off! is bound to make your day just a little better – even if it isn’t your day off.

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