Ghost Pop! – How to kill ghosts with a flashlight

As a kid were you more afraid of psychopathic Axe Murderers or Ghosts? Personally, I think I lent more toward the side of crazy people wielding Axes, but the supernatural can be a scary place, especially when you’re alone in the middle of the night with nothing but a “Military Grade Death Ray” a.k.a. the flashlight in this game.

Ghost Pop! (by PlaySide) is a game about helping a kid kill ghosts as he aimlessly wanders through a haunted park in the dead of night for no apparent reason – great idea…

Played by simply touching and dragging across the screen of your device in order to rotate the direction in which your player shines his/her flashlight, the controls in Ghost Pop! are simple enough in theory – but took us a lot longer to get used to than we were expecting. The way in which your character rotates feels a little like scrolling through a webpage sideways and can be kind of finicky to work with at times.

That having been said, for those who persevere (or simply forget to uninstall it) this game quite literally becomes easier over time.

Using the coins you earn while playing the game – or while offline – you can upgrade your flashlight in order to gradually transform it into a more powerful weapon you won’t need to swing around quite so much.

The first flashlight you are given to use in Ghost Pop! is short ranged, low damage, and runs out of battery faster than your character can even move, making it kind of useless when fighting ghosts. As you progress through the game however, this changes, making the game not only more playable, it actually transforms Ghost Pop! into a game, we consider fun and enjoyable! …it just takes a little while to actually get there… 😅

With a cute 3D design, not too many Ads, and an offline mode that actually kind of saved us, Ghost Pop! is a fun game, so long as you don’t mind working a bit at the start.

The Conclusion

If you need a lesson on killing ghosts, this is the game for you… probably… I’ve never actually seen a real ghost so I don’t know… 👻

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