God of Track – Looks Amazing! Plays like… trash…

You know those shallow people who get all the attention just for their dazzling looks? If today’s game was a girl, she’d probably be one of those girls. Pretty, stylish, very attractive, bit kind of stupid…🤪

God of Track (by Life and Game) is a great looking game. Set in a Tron like 3D universe, your mission in this game is to skillfully tap / tap-and-hold on the screen of your device in order to avoid smashing into any obstacles that will instantly kill you.

Playing this game should be super easy, but God of Track somehow manages to screw this super simple control scheme up by randomly killing us for seemingly no reason at all!? During our testing, we ended 100% of the games we played almost with this feeling as though we had just been cheated.

The game will randomly reject taps, killing your player even though you obviously tapped well before your car decided to smash into whatever it is that happened to be in front of you. SUPER FRUSTRATING!!!

Much as I would love to yell “DON’T BUY THIS GAME!! IT’S TRASH!!” we also realize that fixing this one issue which makes this game so awful would essentially transform God of Track into an awesome game – like that girl who is pretty, stylish, very attractive, and smart. So I wouldn’t write it off your list of games to check out just yet…

That having been said, if you’re after something fun you can play right now, you have come to the right place because we’ve reviewed plenty of OTHER games you can check out.

The Conclusion

This is less for you guys and more for the developers.

If the controls in this game were better it would be excellent! As it stands we can’t recommend it, so be sure to “let us know” once you’ve come up with a fix.

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Hi 😉

Thank you for a very good article.
My name is Daria, I represent the team Life and Game.
Thanks to many reviews and your article, we did a big job on the errors in the game.

We hope you enjoy our game.

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