Layer Up – Way harder than Anamorph!


If you’ve ever wondered what “Nuclear Safety Engineers” do with their free time, well, it looks as though you are about to get your answer!

Layer Up (by Steve Snyder) is the latest game in a series of mind-numbingly tricky puzzle games involving your perception. As some may still remember, Anamorph which was all about rotating a bunch of dots positioned in a 3D space in order to create an image – sound tricky? It was!

Steve’s latest creation Layer Up however seemingly takes things a step “down” with stacked layers of colorful 2D triangles which can be moved about in a 2D space. Removing a dimension from a game’s core mechanic will often make the game much easier for players to work with, essentially making the game easier! …well, not in the case of Layer UpIf anything, this game makes things harder!

Although some may argue differently, catching a glimpse of what you are supposed to be making is much harder when working with colorful mosaics, than it is when working with dots in a 3D space. Personally, we think it is probably the color that makes the game feel so much harder.

Whereas Anamorph restricted the amount of information players had to work with, Layer Up seemingly gives players too much information, somehow making it even harder to see how the pieces you are given fit together in order to create the shape you are looking for!

But wait, there is hope! Layer Up features a handy hint feature which gives players the option of finding out what in the world they are supposed to be looking for. In some cases this is helpful. Knowing what we were looking for allowed us to clear some seemingly impossible stages… but other times… knowing there is a wolf hidden somewhere within these two sets of mosaic doesn’t make the game any easier…

The Conclusion

If you hate it when people give the answer away to a puzzle you are working on too easily, this is a game you are going to love. That having been said if you’ve gotten soft playing games that practically give the answers away… yeah…

Want to give Layer Up a try? The download link is just below.📲
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