Is Apple killing its own ecosystem?

Apple killing ecosystem

It is no secret that iPhones are getting more expensive in 2019. Although the same thing could arguably be said about the top new Android flagships on the market, this article isn’t about comparing smartphone hardware or specifications.

For Apple, the user experience has been (and still continues to be) the main focus of their products and services – which is great! Everything “Apple controls” is amazing! …but no one buys an iPhone because they want to talk with Siri…

Today we would like to talk about the stuff Apple “doesn’t control” namely games.

As a developer, you have 2 main options when publishing your game on any store. (1.) Publish your game as a Paid App, or (2.) publish it as a Free App.

Obviously, most developers choose to publish Free games with Ads, which means the number of people who download your game is directly related to how much ($) you can expect to make from your latest release.

So with iPhone sales declining, and Snapchat Re-designing their Android App from the ground up, we think this shows not only how the smartphone market is shifting as a whole, but how the software industry is shifting with it – and not in favor of Apple…

For new developers looking to start out their career as an indie game developer, Android is seemingly becoming more and more appealing with more potential players than Apple and fewer up-front expenses.

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