Sparkman – This guy will literally explode without you

You have roughly 10 seconds to save Sparkman from exploding… Quick do something!

This is the mission you are suddenly faced with in Sparkman by DO GLOBAL GAMES, and you know what? It is actually kind of easy! …or at least it starts out easy…

Set in a somewhat minimalistic 2D world, a lot like the sort of 2D puzzle games you used to play on your old iPhone 3G or 4 that arguably started the mobile gaming industry – your mission in this game is to cut the ropes your player, (Sparkman), is hanging from in order to dunk his head into water before he explodes.

The longer you take to dunk your player’s head into the water pit below, the fewer stars you are given, forcing OCD gamers to try the same level over and over again in order to keep that perfect 3-star record moving forward.

Having OCD tendencies can be such a burden sometimes… 😂

With a total of 184 levels for you to check out – and the promise of more levels coming soon, this game is going to last you quite some time. Assuming it takes you 90 seconds to solve each level, it would take you over 4 hours to clear this game completely!

Although we personally would not like to play this game for 4 hours straight Рwe would much rather play a more story-oriented game such as Shuyan Saga Рin short bursts here and there throughout your day, Sparkman is a pretty cool game we actually recommend you check out!

The Conclusion

Do you need to be needed by someone? Skip finding a clingy boyfriend or girlfriend – the guy in this game will literally explode without you! 😂

Want to give Sparkman a try? The download link is just below.📲
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