Tower Color – Why do we find destruction so much fun!?

Tower Color (by Homa Games) is a game about smashing a tower made of colorful blocks using a pre-set number of colored blocks you can fire at the side of your tower in order to eliminate any same colored blocks it comes into contact with. Sound hard? Because it isn’t, seriously… 😂😂

Played by swiping left and right across the screen of your device in order to pan around what remains of the 3D block tower you are currently “working on”, you can shoot balls by tapping anywhere on the screen of your device, which makes aiming super easy and intuitive.

Reading this far it may seem as though the aim of the game here is to simply blast holes in the side of your tower until it collapses – which although correct in a sense – isn’t exactly what this game is all about.

The main focus in Tower Color is to strategically tap on large sections of same colored blocks in order to do as much structural damage as possible, allowing you to break down the tower in as few shots as possible.

As you progress through the game you will be faced with larger and larger towers, requiring you to use your shots wisely or risk ending the game with the tower still standing… GAME OVER…

The Conclusion

For players hunting for the “next big thing” before it actually goes viral, Tower Color actually has potential.

With a similar feel to the ultra-popular Helix Jump (by Voodoo) and an endless number of levels for you to complete – literally, the way in which the game is structured should allow you to play for the next 10 million years with ease – this game may just be it…!

…it may also not be it… I guess only time will tell… 😅

Want to give Tower Color a try? The download link is just below.📲
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