Starlit On Wheels – This game brings back memories…

Were you one of the many millions of players obsessed with Mario Kart on your Nintendo DS way back before smartphones were really a thing? We definitely were(!) which is why Starlit On Wheels (by Rockhead Games) has been a game we have had on our list ever since it was first released way back in January!

Building onto the already hyper-cute “Starlit World”, Starlit On Wheels is the 3rd game from Rockhead Games we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews and has basically everything we could possibly want to see (and probably won’t see if the rumors are true) in Nintendo’s latest mobile release Mario Kart Tour.

Set on a 3D racetrack, Starlit On Wheels is played using two on-screen buttons for steering left and right plus a third button for drifting. Drifting allows players to easily slide around particularly sharp bends as well as receive a short speed boost after a long drift – pretty much what you’d expect!

The graphics in this game are pretty much what you’d expect from a 3D mobile racing game with a fairly heavy emphasis on cuteness. Although nothing over the top, the game definitely looks and feels premium. When testing on our Google Pixel 3a XL the game actually lagged a little at the start of each race – meaning you’ll probably need a device with at least mid-range specs in order to get the most out of this game on Android.

Although the gameplay is quite a bit simpler than the Mario Kart we enjoyed on our Nintendo DSs, Starlit On Wheels has one major advantage over the Mario Kart we used to play and Rockhead Games takes full advantage of it in this gamea constant connection to thousands of other players over the internet.

Starlit On Wheels features 4 very distinct gameplay modes, Story, Online Cup, Race Hub, and My Tracks (a track builder).

These 4 gameplay modes 3 of which heavily rely on the online community of players who enjoy Starlit On Wheels is what (in our opinion) makes this an exciting game. With a total of 128 tracks in Story Mode, Starlit On Wheels would be a cool game on its own, but with over 100,000 players on Android alone, you will never find yourself at a shortage of races.

Once you’re addicted, there isn’t a lot to stop you from falling deeper and deeper in love with this game.

For the time being, Starlit On Wheels is one of the best casual racing games we’ve tested this year – if not “the best” casual racing games we’ve tested this year.

Although we are very interested in seeing what Mario Kart brings to the mobile racing scene within the next few months, for the time being, Starlit On Wheels is on the top of our list. 😆

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