Review – Do it for the TikTok!

If you’re a TikTok user who follows us at @Edamame_Reviews or someone who just happens to be wondering what’s up with that crazy cool water park game everyone seems to be posting about on TikTok, this is the article you’ve been looking for. (by Voodoo & cassette) is a game about racing down a waterslide and into a swimming pool as fast as possible… That’s it…

For anyone who pays close attention to the mobile gaming space, you may notice that looks strikingly similar to yet another game that was released very recently Slippery Slides (by Crazy Labs) only much lower-res and with one key difference – Fortnite Gliders.

Instead of simply knocking people out of the way in your haste to be the first guy or girl to land in the pool, allows players to skip the waterslide entirely and glide into the pool like someone who just exited the Battle Bus. Kind of defeating the purpose but… ok…?

The game features levels that gradually increase in both length and complexity plus there should soon be skins for you to unlock using the coins you collect while playing the game – at the moment, you can collect money that essentially has no real purpose.

But the real reason for you to get this game “right now” is because it’s trendy!

Making short 15 second videos of themselves completely ruining is kind of a thing on TikTok at the moment so perhaps you’ll want to check this game out before the trend dies?

Why are you still reading this? Trends are short lived on TikTok!

Want to give a try? The download link is just below.📲
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