Eggxplode! – A brilliant idea in a less than ideal package…

Every so often, we stumble upon a good game with controls that can only be described as less than ideal… Eggxplode! (by Crevasse) is a game that in all honestly looks really fun and enjoyable – until you actually stop and try to play the game.

Although the idea is great, the gameplay isn’t, and we are going to explain why…

Eggxplode! is a level based 2D avoider game for iOS and Android. What set’s this game apart from every other one of the zillions of avoider games already on the App Store and Google Play are the cool “Bomber Man” style gameplay mechanics which have been added into the game’s fairly standard core gameplay.

Set on a 2D stage that extends upward to the finish line, your mission in this game is to destroy enemies and collect gems by dropping exploding eggs down on anyone who dares to stand in your way! The gameplay is comical and fun, but the controls that bring it all together are (in their current form) kind of trash…

It’s just a simple balancing issue between the game’s gravity, the angle at which your player moves up, and how high your player is able to flap in a single jump. That having been said, for players like us who have been spoiled with the butter smooth feeling controls in games such as Leap Day by Nitrome, these controls are kind of unacceptable.

As a hint to the developers, what we think probably makes the controls feel so unnatural is how the player is subject to gravity/momentum on the y-axis but not on the x-axis. This may be fine for games like Tetris but in Eggxplode! it just feels weird and annoying.

On the upside, once the controls are fixed, the simple concept and level-based gameplay should result in a really nice game players will find simple and fun. The graphics are good, the story is brief yet still very cute, there really isn’t a lot more this game needs other than better controls and more levels.

Would we recommend this game as it is right now? No.

Although everything other than the controls is either of good or acceptable quality, the controls really ruined our experience, and we would hate for it to ruin yours. Check back after a few updates and who knows, this may be your next favorite chicken game?

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