Tap Skaters – A game about “Battling your instincts”


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As games went from being a thing you would play using a mouse and keyboard to a thing you play with your fingers on a smooth glass touch-screen for most people on the planet, what we call a game seems to have almost moved backward.

Although today’s games are by no means easy, they have definitely gotten simpler than the games I used to play on my PC as a kid. And, to those who “strongly disagree” with the sentence above, there are obviously more smartphones in the world than PC’s and Gaming Consols combined – mobile “is” the new norm.

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Tap Skaters (by Digital Melody Games) is a simple skating game that plays with the instinctive tendency to grow “anxious” that we all seem to possess to some degree when under intense time pressure. Yeah, thanks, like we all wanted to feel more anxious… 😂

Set on a 2D stage creatively made up of randomly sloping platforms, your mission in this game is to jump from one platform to the next in order to continually skate down a construction site, a grassy archeological site filled with ancient ruins(?), etc. all while collecting coins, pizza, avoiding enemies and more.

The game is mission-based meaning your objective changes from one level to the next which is actually quite a treat in this age of endless avoider games with little to no real objective.

Although the game is both simple to learn and easy to describe for lazy game reviewers, it is far from easy to master. The game is designed in such a way that it requires you to constantly be aware of the angle and obstacles on at least 2-3 slopes ahead of the one you are currently on – meaning you will never have enough headspace to make clear well-informed decisions.

Although the game (as annoying as it can be) is very good, at the time of writing this article it currently has a weird tendency to crash every 1-2 levels or so which definitely isn’t great. Hopefully, this issue will no longer be a problem when you are reading this.

The Conclusion

For anyone wanting to test how much headspace you really have to make smart rational decisions when under intense time pressure, go download this game and you’ll soon find out. 😂

Want to give Tap Skaters a try? The download link is just below.📲
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