#DRIVE – Slow… yet crazy hard!? WHAT IS THIS GAME!?

Have you ever failed at something you honestly should be kind of good at? Because #DRIVE (by Pixel Perfect Dude) is a game that makes us feel like losers…

Set in an old country western style setting (as well as many other settings, we’re just focusing on this one in this quick review) your mission in this game is to drive a car traveling only 2-3 times faster than all the other sluggish cars on the road down a dusty dirt road without crashing. How easy.

Played by tapping on the left and right sides of the screen in order to both steer and brake, #DRIVE is a simple game to play. In fact, it is so simple, we have no idea why it is so shockingly hard to not crash within the first minute of starting a new game!

Personally, we blame the starting, the brakes, and the gasoline stands. Since you are essentially driving on dust, it is incredibly easy to skid off the road and into a pole, wall, house, etc. especially when you are doing something unusual – such as swinging by a gasoline stand for some more fuel.

The logical thing to do in such situations in real life would be to slow down, but the brakes in this game make it incredibly difficult to just slow down since they need to be “charged” as though they are some sort of nitrox booster in a high-speed racing gameyeah…

For anyone who finds high-speed racing games annoying, (especially those that seem to control the game’s difficulty by simply increasing the speed), you need to give #DRIVE a try, because this is probably one of the hardest and slowest racing games we have ever featured.

With an amazingly realistic 3D design, another 2 equally beautiful stages we haven’t even mentioned in this review, and a bunch of different vehicles for you to unlock this is the first time in a long time we have felt this addicted to a racing game quite this simple.

You need this game… Just get it… 😂

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