#LOL Android Apple Featured Review – Potentially the worst (.io) game for mobile…

The title of this review isn’t fair… We know that and we aren’t sorry. (by Clown Games) is the perfect example of a good game (quality wise) with an awful gameplay experience.

Set on pretty much the same sort of 2D battleground as every other (.io) game, was “probably” supposed to be a game about hacking and slashing past countless enemies in an attempt to become the number one player on the board! …unfortunately, this isn’t that endless dopamine-triggering addiction your brain was wanting…

Let us explain.

(.io) games aren’t fair. From the moment you spawn into the game, someone is already much bigger and stronger than you and may already have a monopoly on the very resources needed for you to become a real threat to their ultimate dominance – a little like real life isn’t is…

What we imagine is the hardest job for a developer creating an (.io) game is to balance the gameplay in such a way that new players can actually somehow make it to the top. Otherwise, why would anyone ever want to play your game?

In our opinion, doesn’t have an answer to this very important question. Often times when you spawn into the game you will instantly find yourself in the middle of a raging war you have no hope of winning and have no chance of escaping! Frustrating!

Assuming your spawn point was away from the center, where things get really ugly, you will survive for a bit until an enemy you literally can’t beat, with a weapon 2x as long as yours swoops by and kills you. Thanks a lot…

All of this could almost be bearable. Perhaps we aren’t good enough? Perhaps there is a technique to this game we have yet to fully figure out? But when you are forced to watch and Ad between games you didn’t actually have the chance to enjoy…?

The Conclusion is a popular game. It has had over a million downloads on Google Play alone so perhaps there is something we have overlooked? Unfortunately, however, we didn’t find it fun.

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