Sing&Fly Hit Notes In The Sky – A bad singer’s worst nightmare!



It isn’t hard to guess from the title that Sing&Fly Hit Notes In The Sky (by Artfiregames) is a game about singing. That having been said, we never imagined that we would be faced with a game quite this hard… Sing&Fly is almost too hard for my piano!

Ok, before we get too carried away, let’s wind things back a bit here. For anyone who loves Karaoke or Scream Go Hero – a crazy little game by Ketchapp that has suddenly gained popularity again within the last few months – you really shouldn’t underestimate Sing&Fly.

Set high above the clouds of a planet we suspect probably isn’t Earth, your mission in this game is to sing different notes (yes individual notes) in order to control the altitude of a small spinning UFO. Using this “very unique” control scheme, your mission in this game is to 1. Collect notes, and 2. Avoid asteroids that sometimes hurtle toward you at truly astronomical speeds!

Good luck not getting hit…

For anyone who already thinks this game sounds too hard, don’t worry, your ship does have shields which can protect you from a few asteroid strikes, so you shouldn’t need to worry about getting immediately knocked out of the game. That having been said, you will need to worry about how clear your voice is.

After dying miserably after only being able to collect about 3 notes with my “truly amazing singing voice” it was time to step things up a notch with a full sized piano set in a room with zero ambient noize!

The results were spectacular. Or at least they were better than I could have ever gotten on my own. The game picked up pretty much every note perfectly, allowing us to control our UFO in Sing&Fly with a piano – if this isn’t cool we seriously don’t know what is.

Although Sing&Fly is being branded as a game, considering just how difficult it is, we actually see legitimate potential in this game as a training tool for the next generation of singers. …or for people who just want to show off their natural born talents…

The Conclusion

Honestly, this game isn’t for everyone. If all you want is another game you can scream at, Scream Go Hero is definitely the way to go. It is fun, it is free, and it is far more popular than Sing&Fly will likely ever become.

For those people who “actually” want to put their singing voices to the test, Sing&Fly is that special game you’ve been waiting for. If only we were better at it…😂😭

Want to give Sing Fly Hit Notes In The Sky a try? The download link is just below.📲
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