Have you ever wanted to scream at your smartphone? Chances are you feel like this when your smartphone’s battery runs dry mid-song or your favorite texting app crashes just before you hit send… not during a game…

Unless you are a popular youtube gamer, chances are you’ve never really screamed at your phone after a GAME OVER. Today we’ve got a game that not only encourages you to scream at your phone but actually requires it! Sound crazy… Well, we gave it a try…

Scream Go Hero is a typical jumper game where you are required to jump from platform to platform without falling to your death. Pretty normal. The only difference is that in this game you are required to control your player with your voice. (i.e. by screaming “GOOOOOOOO!!!! YES!! YES!! YOU GOT IT MAN! YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” at the top of your voice.)

If this doesn’t sound a little embarrassing to you we don’t know what will… Scream Go Hero obviously isn’t the best game to play in public unless you are prepared to face a long chat with security personnel… Not a good idea…

At the bottom of your screen, there is an option to adjust the sensitivity of your microphone which is a huge plus+ judging from how loud we had to shout just to get our player to move on normal settings.

After reading our review and giving Scream Go Hero a try for yourself, if you somehow fall in love with this game and want to play it everywhere you go, there is the option of setting the sensitivity of your microphone to max and softly blowing on your microphone to control your player without looking like too much of an idiot in public. 😓

The Conclusion

Is this the next revolution in mobile gaming character controls? Most likely not, or at least, we hope not! …That said, if you are interested in trying out something new and adventurous, Scream Go Hero is an interesting new game you must admit has a very unique concept.

Want to give this game a try? The download link is just below😉

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