Volley Beans Review: The satisfaction is on another level!

Volley Beans (by Tummy Games and Voodoo) may just be the most satisfying game we’ve played all year. Set in a tiny volleyball court only just big enough for you, your opponent, and the mega-sized ball you play with, your mission in this game is to hammer your opponent with a fiery smash attack that shakes the stage, the screen, and your opponent all in glorious slow motion!

If you can’t imagine just how glorious all this would look with a massive meme face in the background (just to taunt your NPC opponent) you’re not a citizen of the internet.

Seriously, if you can’t picture all this, here is some quick gameplay footage 👇

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to jump or jump & smash (depending on where your player is) Volley Beans is all about timing, requiring you to think through just when and where you are going to tap in order to smash the ball into your opponent’s court.

Unlike actual volleyball, Volley Beans features two distinctly different ways in which you can win. Just like in real life, if the ball touches the ground inside your opponent’s court, you win. Simple and boring. 😫

The more exciting and enjoyable way of winning a match in Volley Beans is to K.O. your opponent by smashing the ball into your opponent’s block 2 times within a single round. If you manage to unleash 2 smash attacks within a single round, you can not only K.O. your opponent, you also get to see it all unfold before your eyes in ultra-dramatic slow motion!

Whether you’re a volleyball fan or not, this is a game we highly recommend you check out. Volley Beans is by far one of the best games we’ve ever seen from Voodoo and we can’t wait for more!

If you’re in for what we see as potentially being the next Crowd City or Helix Jump, now is your chance to get on board before this game goes viral! 😆

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I love this game! Who on earth came up with such a crazy idea! 😛 😛 😛

Wow! WHAT HAPPENED!? Why does this review look so much cooler than the rest of the reviews on your site??

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