Cheese Guard Review: Defend your cheese at all costs!

I love cheese. Although I am also well aware that too much cheese on my Pizza at lunch is probably slowly killing me from the inside out, I am also equally aware that most of the world that has discovered fast food and pizza is probably dying a slow and painful death together with me, so that’s ok. 😃

…ok I take everything back, we should probably all think a little more about what we put into our mouths… 😂

Nevertheless, cheese is still lovely and if my refrigerator was being attacked by mice the size of small cats, I would probably take the same approach as Chris in Ashley Spencer-Phillips‘s brand new title Cheese Guard.

Cheese Guard is a game with a rather self-explanatory title. Set in a pixelated 2D kitchen, your mission in this game is to defend your food from an invasion of hungry mice who are brave (and strong) enough to walk right up to your refrigerator, open it, and take a massive block of cheese.

Your mission as the owner of the house, cheese, and refrigerator is to defend your food from any mice that dare to steal the very substance that is probably going to kill you one day in future. Using everyday household objects as your weapons, your battle plays out rather one-sidedly.

Since the weapons you are given have a tendency to break rather easily, you will constantly need to be on the hunt for a new weapon or tool you can use to scare away any mice. This in fact is much harder than it sounds since you will be required to leave your fridge for a short amount of time as you go and look for a new weapon.

Often you will come back ready to defend a fridge that is now half-empty… NOOOOO!!!

With 2 gameplay modes for you to experience, Cheese Guard definitely isn’t an easy game. Could it be that the mice in this game are actually trying to save Chris from a slow and painful death…?

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The graphics need more work… (I don’t think a lot more needs to be said)

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