Battle Disc Review: So fun to play! So easy to cheat!

2019 is a great time to be a mobile gamer! Thanks to the rise of PUBG and Fortnite on mobile, the competition for space on your home screen has never been higher which is probably why Casual Games have suddenly shot up in quality these past few months.

Battle Disc (by SayGames & estoty) is the first actually “new and original” game we’ve seen for iOS and Android in a very long time. Likely best described as a sort of PvP game of breakout, where both you and your opponent take turns shooting a disk at one another, your mission in this game is to destroy all the bricks your opponent defends before he/she destroys yours.

Played by touching and dragging on the screen in order to aim, and releasing in order to shoot, this game quickly increases in complexity the moment your opponent grabs hold of the disk.

You see, both you and your opponent are given a finite number of bricks you will need to destroy, the only problem is, your opponent (or should I say opponents) being NPC’s allow the game to create some rather unfair matchups.

With obstacles, multiple opponents, way too many bricks, moving parts, and in some cases even 6 opponents stacked up against your one blue player, this game definitely isn’t easy or predictable. You’ll be on the edge of your seat every time you start a new level.

Now, if you happen to find a level too hard, there is actually a way in which you can kind of “cheat” without hacking the game or doing something illegal.

By firing your disk at one of your own walls 3-4 times, your disk will transform into Mj√∂lnir (a.k.a. Thor’s Hammer) which cannot be blocked or grabbed by an opponent allowing you to smash past your opponents and destroy whatever brick/s you are aiming for.

Not only is this super powerful, after smashing a few bricks the hammer will automatically fly back to its master, allowing you to abuse this powerup system to your heart’s content! Totally unfair but still very cool! 😂

If we were in 2017-2018, Battle Disc is one of those games we can assure you every major publisher and game studio would copy within the next 1-2 months. The game is just that good!

…but with publishers seemingly slowly shifting more heavily toward creating more original content, who knows, we may be witnessing yet another major trend in the mobile gaming space!

Either way Battle Disc is one of those games you totally need to check out! 🤣

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