Geometry SlalomGeometry Slalom – Avoid everything. Get electrocuted. …what!?

Geometry Slalom (by Irrazionali), is a game one of our stupidest reviewers mistakenly read as “Geometry Salmon”… Great Job…

Set atop a geometrical 3D tube, your mission in this game is to skillfully avoid smashing into obstacles as you fly through electric gates that quite literally electrocute your player as you travel by.

As you progress from one level to the next, the game will gradually introduce you to harder and harder obstacles, and the spaces between gates will gradually reduce until the game presumably becomes impossible for any human to complete!!

…or at least that’s what we wish would happen… The clever developers have probably added a difficulty cap somewhere so the game doesn’t actually become impossible.

Played using simple swipe-based controls in order to move your player around the tube paired with an equally simple tap to boost / electric pulse, this game is actually one of the easier games we’ve played recently which could either be attributed to its simplicity, or the fact that we’ve been playing a whole lot of hard games lately.

Most likely a bit of both…

Anyway, moving on to the graphics. Geometry Slalom features a gorgeous 3D design which is nothing short of beautiful, hyper smooth animations and a bunch of different cute and somewhat comical players for you to unlock.

For anyone who is still longing for a sequel to Disney’s 2010 film TRON, Geometry Slalom carries a similar sort of retro-ish modern-ish vibe we expect fans will really enjoy – and seriously, if you’re still waiting, it’s about time you gave up and became a Star Wars fan!

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a simple yet striking avoider game that is definitely a lot easier than Super Hexagon, but challenging enough not to bore you out, look no further, you’ve found the game you were looking for!

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Hello Edamame Team & Edamame Readers,
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Just wanted to thank you all one more time and say that we are working on the game’s #LOL factor!
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