Infinite Downhill – Faster than Fast! This game is insane!!

At Edamame Reviews, we’ve played a lot of fast games. Fast games are cool, and speeding up the gameplay is an easy way for developers to make their game harder. Plus, completing a fast and hard game “feels” super cool! 😆

Infinite Downhill (by Geisha Tokyo) is a super fast game about dashing down a high-speed neon highway filled with not obstacles, but long red boost strips that propel your vehicle of choice to uncontrollable speeds!!!

If you loved playing IMPOSSIBLE ROAD (by WONDERFUL LASERS) or Twisty Road! (by Pup Interactive and VoodooInfinite Downhill has a similar sort of feel.

Played by touching on the left and right sides of the screen in order to control the direction in which your vehicle moves, at first the controls in this game will probably feel a bit stiff, but after playing for a bit – and realising just how fast you can go in this game – the slightly stiff controls actually do a great job of helping you stay on the track.

Of course, as you get better, you’ll probably want to “accidentally” take a shortcut here and there, which is kind of hard to do because of the stiff controls, so you’ll need to choose your timing carefully.

With a bunch of different skins (and track customizations) for you to unlock, surprisingly not too many Ads as of right now and no slowdowns, after playing this game for a bit, every other racing game will feel like a snail! 🐌

The Conclusion

If you live for the thrill of speed, this is a game you are GOING to want to check out, because it is 100% up your alley! Speed Is Awesome! 

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