Gem Fighters – A really fun game with some balancing issues…

At this point, there aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Fortnite. The rise of PUBG, Fortnite, and now Apex Legends have really boosted the popularity of the “Battle Royal” category which (not so long ago) mostly consisted of things such as and among other things…

Although we are sure there would be some gamers who would argue that the last two games we mentioned aren’t actually “Battle Royal” games.

Either way, online games have really hit the mobile gaming industry with some force since networking on a device that was primarily designed to connect people (whether that be by phone or over the internet) is actually kind of easy.

Gem Fighters

Gem Fighters (by HIGHSCORE GAMES) is a yet another game that attempts to shake up mobile “Battle Royal” style gamers with some cute cartoon style battles and frantic gem collecting gameplay.

Set on a 3D battleground filled with about 8 players and a bunch of bots, your mission in this game is to end the game with the most gems… That’s pretty much it.

Each player is given 1 gem when the game begins, however, if you intend to finish the game with any more you will need to destroy bots and/or other players. And this is where this game begins to fall apart…

Currently, we are ranked 78th in the world in Gem Fighters which (in our humble opinions) isn’t all that bad, the only problem is, once you get this high in the game, all the battles tend to end up more or less the same. Each game starts out with everyone destroying the closest bots to their spawning point, collecting the gems they drop, and then ALL OUT WAR begins.

This all-out war would be more fun if it weren’t for the fact that some characters such as “Burnny”, “Frozen”, and “Crazy Emmitt” are just so much more powerful than all the other characters. Especially Crazy Emmitt!

These characters can only be unlocked after playing the game for a very long time, which leave players such as ourselves at a huge disadvantage when literally every other player in the end game is playing as Crazy Emmitt!!

Although it could be argued that we are crazy good at gaming and the developers didn’t expect anyone to move up the ranks as quickly as we have managed to do, that doesn’t sound like a very realistic answer since there were definitely other players we played against who were in the same situation.

Gem Fighters

Overall, Gem Fighters is a really fun game we are excited we had the opportunity to both play and review. That having been said, in order for this game to be even more enjoyable, we really hope the developers adjust the balancing a little bit so new players like ourselves don’t feel quite so oppressed.

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