Walk Master – A game that will make you re-think whether you “actually” know how to walk?

Walking is easy. All you need to do is stand upright, lean a little forward and rapidly place one foot in front of the other at varying speeds in order to change the speed at which you advance forward. Easy Right?

If you’ve ever wondered why those “tiny humans” we call babies take so long just to learn how to walk, today we’ve got a game you may want to take a look at. Walk Master (by Two Men and a Dog Games) is essentially a game about learning how to walk again – only in 2D and on stilts.

Set on a sort of 2D obstacle course, your mission in this game is to somehow get past all the obstacles on the stage in order to make it to the end of the level without falling over. 😅

Played by touching and dragging on the bottom half of the screen in order to control your stilts (one leg at a time), the controls in this game are thankfully super easy to get the hang of and make the game just a little easier to learn. Unfortunately(?) when it comes to learning how to balance, you are pretty much on your own.

With all kinds of creative obstacles you will need to walk over, under, though and even jump from one to the next, Walk Master is by no means an easy game.

Featuring one of the largest learning curves we’ve ever really experienced in this type of game, we are just thankful that the developers had the wisdom to make Walk Master a level based game with checkpoints. Otherwise, this game would have likely felt truly impossible.

With old-school Disney cartoon-like visuals, a bunch of unlockable characters for you to collect, and two different gameplay modes for you to enjoy, Walk Master has accurately captured and gamified an action almost all of us perform every day – walking.

Sorry all the babies of the world, we have a newfound respect for you all.

If you actually think that walking is easy, Walk Master is a game you need to check out. You’ll probably be surprised at just how bad you are at re-learning how to walk.

Want to give Walk Master a try? The download link is just below.📲
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