SHUMP – Cool Music, Cute Enemies, and Death…


SHUMP (by Alexander Johansson) may just be the best game we have ever seen from Alex’s studio. Corporate Salmon also by Alex has a strange place in our hearts as one of the weirdest games we have ever really featured on our site – to be honest we’re still not entirely sure how we were supposed to play that game…

Coming from our experience playing Corporate Salmon, SHUMP feels amazing! Most likely because we actually understand how to play the game this time.

Played using 3 on-screen buttons in order to “Jump Left”, “Jump Right”, and “Jump Up” and onto the next platform, your mission in this game is to jump from one platform to the next while blasting enemies that drop down toward you from above.

The game will slowly scroll upward, forcing you to continue moving upward toward the next major boss battle or else die trying. Sadly we did a lot of the latter, so we can’t exactly comment on what all the boss battles are like…

Overall, the game feels like a highly modernized 2D shooter game, which shouldn’t come across as that much of a surprise since that is pretty much what it is.

Although this isn’t exactly a fair complaint, SHUMP just like pretty much every other game we’ve reviewed from Alex does take quite a bit of getting used to. The enemies you will be faced with are surprisingly intense, meaning players who have grown soft playing casual games that kind of let you win the first few levels will likely be in for quite a shock.

If you’re a fan of the classic games that are “actually” easy to play and hard to master, SHUMP is probably the best game we’ve reviewed all year. Both for better and for worse, this game reminds us of the classics.

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