Shuyan Saga – How are we supposed to put this game down!!

For anyone who has followed Edamame Reviews for a really long time, you may be aware of just how much we love a game with a good story.

When it comes to hyper-casual mobile games, sure, perhaps no story is ok, but when it comes to a game we are going to be playing for a number of hours, an enjoyable story is kind of a must – and I am just going to say it, we are dying to know what happens next in Shuyan Saga (by LoftySky Entertainment).

Set in a time period following 900 years of peace, the five ruling kingdoms of ancient China face a new threat from the west, an evil band of power-hungry warriors lead by the ruthless Ganbaatar – a character that somewhat resembles Thanos(?) Avengers: Infinity War!

Anyway, the game begins by thoroughly setting the scene using beautifully hand-illustrated cut scenes paired with both written and voice-over narrative which does an excellent job of pulling players into the world. The only “problem?” It just doesn’t stop!

At its core, Shuyan Saga is a fighting game. Played using a mixture of 1 on 1 street fighter-style combat (which has been simplified for mobile), as well as top-down almost MMO style battle mechanics, this game is probably one of the best fighter games we have ever featured. There aren’t many games that get so much right.

Although there are a lot of controls you will need to get your head around in order to be an effective fighter, the storyline does a great job of easing players into the game, so you won’t need to worry about finding yourself in a fight with no idea what you are supposed to be doing. And this continues to hold true throughout pretty much the entire game we have played through so far.

In order to keep Shuyan Saga quick and easy to play for the fast-moving mobile marketplace, other than the fight scenes, Shuyan Saga is almost entirely story based, giving players 3 options to choose from every so often at vital turning points throughout the story. This ingenious method kills the need for any long-winded quests or missions which are typically found in this type of game.

If you’ve made it this far through our review you have probably noticed a trend we keep going back to, the story in this game is everything, and the way in which it is delivered to players is designed for maximum addictiveness – no matter how busy you are.

When we first saw the price tag for Shuyan Saga, honestly we were a little skeptical. Most mobile games in 2019 don’t cost US$5.99, (if anything at all), but having played the game, we can say with confidence, it isn’t every day you find a playable fully hand-illustrated audiobook with action-packed fight scenes this cheaply.

As reviewers, our only complaint with this game is how difficult it is to land combo attacks during 1 on 1 combat. Although this could just be because we are unskilled, we found it rather challenging to land the combination Sensei Laug taught us.

The Conclusion

If you enjoy playing heavily story oriented games such as the Professor Layton series for Nintendo DS, this is a game you simply won’t be able to put down. Now if you will excuse us, we need to move on to the next chapter! 

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Wow! I normally listen to audiobooks at night, (as I’m going to bet), but it sounds like this game would do a better job of keeping me awake than putting me to sleep! I’d better check it out!! xD

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