Ball Paint – An algorithm must exist…

Ball Paint (by RadPirates) is a deceptively simple game about coloring everyday shapes using colored balls you can fire at whatever “thing” happens to be in front of you. Each of the shapes in Ball Paint is made up of a cluster of small round balls tightly packed together in order to look like a ball, cube, star, etc.

The aim of the game is simple, “to color the entire shape one color”, but the way in which you go about achieving this goal is definitely challenging to say the least…

Each shape starts out a little like a cat, colored in abstract patches, you will often be faced with a shape that is made up of 3-4 different colors. Using the random colored balls you are given, your mission in this game is to fire your balls at these colored patches in order to color the entire shape a single uniform color.

At first, this mission will likely seem much harder than it actually is, and the in-game tutorial does a much better job of explaining it than we could ever dream of doing here with just words. However, one thing we did notice was that there seems to be an algorithm of sorts you can use to solve pretty much any puzzle in the game.

By continually changing the color of the biggest single-colored patches, you will eventually end up coloring the entire shape one color (often much faster than you could ever dream of doing) any other way.

But this raises one question, even having played the game using this tried and true method of clearing the game as quickly as possible, there are still levels we can’t quite complete within the number of balls we are given by default. Could this mean that the game is so randomized that some levels are “actually impossible” to complete without luck on your side? We’re still not entirely sure and would love to know what the developers have to say in a developer interview…

The Conclusion

Although the game does sometimes feel somewhat impossible, overall the gameplay is fun and enjoyable for anyone who loves colorful games! ✨

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