Scream Go Hero – Do it for the TikTok

Hopefully screaming at your smartphone isn’t exactly something you “do” on a regular basis – assuming you’re not playing Scream Go Hero (by Ketchapp).

If you’ve spent much time on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram or anywhere else where stupid videos go to die, Scream Go Hero is a game you’ve likely come across within the last few weeks – because the game is arguably one of the funniest things to play with a group of hyped teens! 😂

With a 2D platformer like setting, you wouldn’t be stupid for thinking this game was a standard 2D platformer since it kind of is. Instead of controlling your player with your fingers, your player in Scream Go Hero is controlled by profusely yelling at the screen of your device in order to make him jump up and to the right. ↗️

The louder you yell, the higher and further he will fly.

For players who either have neighbors or a sense of dignity they would rather not destroy on a trending “Free To Play” mobile game, you are given the option to adjust the sensitivity of your phone’s microphone which will allow you to (sort of) control your player by softly speaking to your phone rather than yelling.

Just try not to sneeze or your player will probably go through the roof…

Although we believe Scream Go Hero is the sort of game you play in a group (ideally one where you are in control of any cameras being used to film the stupidity taking place) if you have no friends or would rather play alone, Scream Go Hero now features a level-based single player mode, however, you’ve got to admit there aren’t many things much sadder than sitting alone in a dimly lit room and incessantly screaming at your phone… 😂

If you’re in need of a game that is perfect for parties and creating long-lasting videos you can use to blackmail your friends for the next 10 years, yeah, you’ve found the game you were looking for… Just don’t invite me to your party… 😂

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