Cheese Guard – Now available on Android

Cheese Guard is the latest game by indie developer, Ashley Spencer-Phillips.

The game revolves around Chris as he tries to protect his cheese-filled fridge from swarms of hungry rats. On each level, the rats head towards the fridge with the intent to grab a piece of cheese and steal it out of the kitchen.

Chris can run around the kitchen using the on-screen directional buttons and can pick up and use items by touching a pop-up action button. There are many items you can pick up, each with a unique method of dealing with the invading rats.

For example, using the ketchup bottle leaves puddles that the rats get stuck in, and grabbing the fish will spawn a cat that scares away all rats on screen. When a rat has grabbed a piece of cheese and is running away with it, Chris is able to chase it down and take the cheese back to the fridge. He must do this quickly though, as the cheese will start to go moldy if out of the fridge for too long.

The game is over when all 6 pieces of Cheese are either taken away or become moldy. Cheese guard has many levels each with a unique kitchen layout, 2 game modes, achievements, and an online leaderboard.

Cheese Guard is available to download for free on Android devices now.

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