Fish Farm – We didn’t know you could eat sea-stars…

GM foods are an interesting topic. Some people see them as the solution to saving millions of starving people around the world, while others believe they are going to kill us all. One thing we know for sure is that neither of these groups likely expected someone would decide to make a game where you can operate your very own GM fish farm selling lab-grown Tuna! Sea-Stars, and who knows what else…

Fish Farm (by YANG LI) is a brand new idle game that has risen up the charts at tremendous speed and we can sort of understand why. For starters, unlike many other idle games, Fish Farm requires users to endlessly scroll sideways instead of furiously tapping on the screen which is a very small but meaningful change when it comes to playability.

Another big difference for die-hard fans of the idle-game category is the fact that this game actually maxes out fairly easily. A lot of idle-games make it almost impossible to max out different money making elements which, although may be good for the developer, makes it kind of difficult for the player to know exactly what they should be upgrading and when.

Fish Farm allows players to actually reach a maximum level, giving players not only the satisfaction of achieving something cool – but also makes the game simpler as there is always a set goal for you to achieve next.

Although we’ve said a lot of good about this game, there are also a few negatives we kind of need to point out. For starters, the game doesn’t feature anything really addictive that will make you want to keep coming back to it day after day. It is addictive enough while you are playing, (and big money continues to pile up right before your very eyes), but once you’ve left the app for a bit, there really isn’t a lot that will make you want to come back.

With a pretty normal design, a lot of Ads, (seriously what did you expect) and an offline mode for players who don’t have time to swipe away at their screens all day (literally all of us), Fish Farm is yet another good idle game you may want to check out.

…assuming you like idle games

The Conclusion

Would you eat a lab-grown fish… hmmm….. 😓
Somehow we don’t think this game is very realistic.

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