Weeder Match – Who would ever choose to actually play this game?

Every so often we stumble upon a game that just doesn’t seem to make any sense… Yep, you guessed it, today we’ve got you one of those games we really don’t understand…

Perhaps I’m just too old? Perhaps my education was lacking in a way that prevents me from properly understanding the hidden funniness of cutting grass, but with all due respect, Weeder Match is about as fun as watching water try not to boil or witnessing unseen beauties in drying paint. I’m sorry, this game is actually trash…

If anyone actually enjoys this game, please explain to us what we are missing in the comments below because we actually don’t understand! 😂😂😂

Played using an “almost infinite” supply of shuriken and whatever gardening tools you use to mow your lawn, your mission in this game is to cut grass in order to earn money which can be used to cut grass faster, yay.

The game is played by skillfully swiping left and right across the screen of your device in order to throw shuriken at an overgrown patch of land in order to mow it down neatly – which all makes sense but still doesn’t explain why anyone would ever want to play this game in the first place!

Cookie Clicker was bad enough, but at least 90% of the earth’s population actually likes eating cookies! The only person I can think of who actually liked mowing was my weird neighbor who mowed his already perfect lawn every 3 days for seemingly no reason at all!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!

If you can’t tell, I think I am having more fun writing this review than all of us put together had playing Weeder Match, so unless you are my old neighbor, this is a game you can most probably pass for the time being…

The Conclusion

Are you a crazy gardener who can’t get enough of pulling weeds? Congratulations, you’ve just found the most addictive game in the world! 

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