Spinning Blades – The coolest way to fight with swords


Classic sword fighting is old and impractical in the world we now live in. In a world where guns, missiles, and recently even lasers can burn a hole through solid steel and hit you at “literally” the speed of light, swords are kind of looking a little old…

Spinning Blades (by Voodoo) may just be the coolest game from Voodoo we’ve seen this year and the coolest new take on sword fighting we’ve seen in a very long time!

Instead of using one, two or even three swords (Shout out to Zoro from One Piece) Spinning Blades allows players to use anywhere from 1 to over 100 swords in a giant spinning blender of death! Kind of like some sort of futuristic Beyblade with no safety restrictions.

Based on one simple principle – you lose all your blades and you die – Spinning Blades is all about knocking blades off your opponents while trying to keep as many of your own swords as possible.

Played by touching and dragging anywhere on the screen of your device in order to control your player, the key to playing Spinning Blades is all about choosing when and where to block your opponents. Whenever you raise your finger from the screen of your device, all of your swords will stand upright, creating a sort of impenetrable barrier that can deflect enemy blades without taking any damage.

Although you won’t take any damage when you are blocking, anyone foolish enough to ram into you could lose upwards of 10 blades every 0.5 seconds or so (especially in the end game) which definitely isn’t ideal!

Each player is only able to block for a limited amount of time, meaning the timing in which you use your block is crucial to winning an exchange with an opponent – block too soon and you’ll end up wasting your power.

If you aren’t the greatest when it comes to timing, there are 3 different types of powerups that can be used to power up your player for a limited amount of time, so using these powerups effectively is also key to actually surviving to the end. 

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for the coolest mobile game in 2019 with swords, this is the game for you! Go check it out! 😆

Want to give Spinning Blades a try? The download link is just below.📲
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