Tunnel Roll – Losing is really REALLY easy…

Tunnel Roll

Are you scared that you may one day find yourself stuck inside of a never-ending octagon orbiting our small-ish blue dot of a planet we call home? If so, (1) you are crazy and should probably seek medical help, and (2) we’ve got just the game for you… 😂

Tunnel Roll (by YoMob lnternational) is a game about avoiding death in what is pretty much the situation described above. Set in a never-ending octagon, your mission in this game is to stay inside of this “thing” for as long as possible or else risk floating through the void of space forever.

Played by skillfully swiping left or right in order to avoid falling through massive gaps in the stage – we assume the developers were too short on cash to fill – the game somewhat fluctuates in speed as you progress from one level/check-point to the next, which does a great job of throwing you off your rhythm.

If this didn’t make the game hard enough on its own, the stage isn’t perfectly straight, meaning you will need to deal with long twists in the stage which, in some cases, makes it nearly impossible to see what lies just 2 seconds ahead of you.

How good is your reaction time…? 😂

With a bunch of different player skins for you to unlock, plus a few different cosmetic items designed to make the already cool intro scene even cooler, this game is simple, yet not so simple you’ll be bored in 10 minutes.

It will probably last you like 30 minutes of continuous gaming before you’ll want to find something new to occupy your free time.

The Conclusion

Was Super Hexagon just a little too difficult for your liking? Why not give Tunnel Roll a try, because the Octagon in this game is a whole lot easier…

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