Flip Man! – Exploding bikes, magnet hands, and gymnastics

It has been a really long time since we last saw a “popular” new game from Ketchapp, (for industry insiders, perhaps ever since Ketchapp was acquired by Ubisoft?), either way, it seems Ketchapp may finally be getting its act back together with a cool new game called Flip Man! that is actually fun to play.

Set on the rooftops above what appears to be an old French or Italian town? (We’re not entirely sure where this game is supposed to be set…) Your mission in this game is to avoid the blast of the exploding bike you happen to be riding and swing from one pole to the next like a true gymnastics champion.

The game is played by tapping and holding on the screen of your device in order to grab and swing from one pole to the next – and should only take most players a few seconds to get the hang of. Finding the correct timing to jump from one pole to the next is much harder than just figuring out how to play the game. 😅

Flip Man! is level based, meaning the game will gradually increase in difficulty as you progress from one level to the next. You will be faced with moving poles, swinging poles, and likely much, much more we have yet to discover.

With many cool players, bikes, and obstacle skins for you to unlock, this game could be played for a very long time assuming you actually unlocked everything. One thing we 100% do not like about this game is the absurd VIP subscription that will set players back A$8.49/week – which is a crazy price considering just what this game “actually offers” players in exchange for A$441.48 a year (Access to 2 Exclusive Skins + 2 Exclusive Bikes + 1000 Coins a day + an Extra Life + no Ads)

Personally, we feel it was this kind of fishing behavior that caused Ketchapp to fall from its dominant position – rather than increasing pressure from new studios such as Voodoo.

The Conclusion

If you miss the fun old Ketchapp games you used to play on your phone, this is one of those games you’ll likely really enjoy! Just so long as you don’t accidentally sign up for a  VIP pass and lose all your money. That would be sad… 😭

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